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Application Information (2023 School Year)

Enrollment Procedures vary depending upon the type of approved classification for education and childcare. Please refer to the types of classification in the FAQ below.

Number of Available Spots 

3 year old class:        Group Type 1: 40 spots         Group Type 2: 5 spots     Total: 45 spots

Children born from April 2nd, 2018 to April 1st, 2019

4 year old class:        Group Type 1: A few             Group Type 2: A few

Children born from April 2nd, 2017 to April 1st, 2018

5 year old class:        Group Type 1: A few             Group Type 2: A few

Children born from April 2nd, 2016 to April 1st, 2017

*For the 2023 3 year-old class, in addition to the number of spots stated above, there are also about 26 students, currently enrolled in pre-kindergarten class, that will join.

Application Submissions

November 1st from 9:00 to 10:00

Please fill out the required application form and submit it with an application fee of 3,000 yen.

Parent and Child Interview


Group Examination

November 2nd between 8:30 to 14:00 

(About 1 hour in the above time)

We will inform you of your time slot when we receive your application

This is a simple interview and group examination to better understand each child

Announcement of


November 2nd, after finishing the interview

Enrollment and Payment


After the announcement of acceptance on November 2, please complete the required documents with the enrollment fee.

*After the admission procedure, we will apply to the city or town where you live for the needed approval


Enrollment Fee

¥15,000 (Please pay when you submit your documents, this is nonrefundable)

Educational Enrichment Fee (Heated pool, specialized instructors, nurse, etc.)

【Group Type 1】¥12,000 (monthly)

【Group Type 2】¥10,800 (monthly)

*The fee is further reduced by government subsidies. Please check here for your city for your bracket.

Lunch Fee

【Group Type 1】¥3,700 (monthly)

【Group Type 2】¥5,600 (monthly)

All monthly fees (Educational Enrichment Fee + Lunch Fee + [Bus Fee] + [Playroom Fee]) will be withdrawn on the 26th of each month by automatic transfer from a post office bank account. 


¥3,600 (Annually)


Additional Special Event Fees

Field trip fees, graduation album fee, etc.

Needed Items to Purchase Before Entering

Hat・P.E. Uniform・Swimsuit・Indoor Shoes・School Supplies

Total: About ¥25,000

*From the 2022 school year, the purchase of winter uniforms will be optional (while supplies last).

The above fees are subject to change after 2023 due to system revisions, price fluctuations, etc.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.


Enrollment Procedure

Please contact us for school tour and explanation seminar dates

June ~ September

School Tours

June ~ September

Enrollment Explanation Seminars

October 15th ~

Distribution of Kindergarten Applications

November 1st

Submit Applications

November 2nd

Final Enrollment Procedures


Dates and Time Schedule

Group Type 1 

Daycare Days

Monday to Friday

Daycare Time

【Mon Tue Thu Fri】

9:00 ~ 14:00 (5 hours)


9:00 ~ 13:00 (4 hours)


9:00 ~ 11:30 (2 and a half hours)

Extended Childcare


7:30 ~ 9:00


(Mon Tue Thu Fri)14:00 ~ 18:30

(Wed)             13:00 ~ 18:30

(Half-day)              11:30 ~ 18:30


Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays

Summer Vacation (July 21st ~ September 2nd)

Winter Vacation (December 21st ~ January 8th)

Spring Vacation (March 21st ~ April 8th)

Kindergarten Anniversary (May 2nd)

Tokyo Citizen's Day (October 1st)

Substitute Holiday (for events)

Group Type 2
(Standard Time / Short Time)

Daycare Days

Monday to Friday

Daycare Time

Standard Time

7:30 ~ 18:30 (11 hours)

Short Time

8:30 ~ 16:30 (8 hours)

Extended Child Daycare

Standard Time



Short Time


7:30 ~ 8:30


16:30 ~ 18:30


Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays

New Years (December 29th ~ January 3rd)


Playroom (Extended Daycare)

Playroom is an extended childcare service we offer at our kindergarten.
Playroom is separate from the regular kindergarten, and is staffed by experienced teachers who work to maintain good communication with the classroom teachers and parents.
We provide snacks and try to create a warm atmosphere where the children can spend time until their guardians come to pick them up.

Playroom Hours

【Before Kindergarten】

7:30 ~8:30

【After Kindergarten】

Until 18:30

【Weekdays during long vacations, substitute holidays

7:30 ~ 18:30


【Before Kindergarten】

1 time ¥200

*No fee for Group Type 2 children

【After Kindergarten】

¥200 per hour (snacks included)

[Group Type 1]14:00 ~ 18:30    *Wednesdays 13:00 ~18:30

[Group Type 2 Short Time]16:30 ~18:30

[Group Type 2 Standard Time] Included

【Weekdays during long vacations, substitute holidays】

¥200 per hour

[Group Type 1]7:30 ~ 18:30

[Group Type 2 Short Time]7:30 ~ 8:30, 16:30 ~ 18:30 

[Group Type 2 Standard Time] Included

【Annual Contract】

¥11,000 (monthly)

*Only for Group Type 1

*Can use everyday from early morning to 18:30

​*Number of days changes from month to month, but fee stays the same


School Bus

There are a total of six shuttle buses, including a van and an adult bus. Four of these buses are used for transportation.
There are routes around Akigawa, Hinode, Itsukaiichi, and Hachioji.

The routes are slightly changed every year according to the addresses of the children.

Bus Fee (only for those who use the bus)

¥4,000 (One-Way ¥2,500) (Monthly)

Fee is calculated on a monthly basis throughout the year, so payments will be monthly from April to March.

*For Children from Yokota Air Base: ¥2,500 (Only pick-up) (Monthly)

*Bus stop for Yokota Air Base will be the 12th gate



About classification categories

Please check the documents.


About subsidies

The Japanese government offers different levels of subsidies at all different income levels.

The amount of the subsidy differs from municipality to municipality.

*For inquiries about the subsidy, please refer to the following

Childcare Section, Children's Division, Health and Welfare Department, Akiruno City

【TEL】042-558-1111 (extension 2651)

Hinode Town Board of Education, School Education Division, School Affairs Section

【TEL】 042-597-0511 (extension 535)

Kindergarten Division for Childcare, Child and Family Department, Hachioji City Hall


For Yokota Air Base: Please contact your residential office

Transferring Kindergartens

If you are planning to move to the Akiruno area in the future, or if you are considering including extended childcare due to work commitments, please contact the kindergarten. We also have a loan system for uniforms and supplies depending on how long your child has been in kindergarten.

We also accept temporary enrollment for those who wish to enroll their children for a certain period of time, such as during a homestay or temporary returning from abroad.

For families in Yokota Air Base, our kindergarten can be a great place for children to experience Japanese culture and language, even for just 1 or 2 years.

When comparing with nursery schools, please refer to our childcare hours including playroom, childcare fees, and subsidies for parents.



If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the kindergarten. Also, please feel free to contact us about availabilities for school tours and enrollment explanations.

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