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Tamagawa Kindergarten

Educational Philosophy

Omoshiroi Koto Ippai!

Educational Goal

Bright Caring Strong

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Our educational philosophy at Tamagawa Kindergarten is "Omoshiroi Koto Ippai!" which roughly translates to "Many interesting things". Children grow and learn the most when they are motivated, so we aim to add "many interesting things" as a part of both our environment and our curriculum. 

With a large playground that has a lot of nature and various playground equipment, and many experienced child care professionals eager to support each and every child, Tamagawa Kindergarten creates an educational environment that is “Omoshiroi Koto Ippai”.

In this environment kids can play with their friends and teachers to the fullest. And there are times when children may fight with each other, or fall down and get a little hurt. But we believe all of these experiences, both good and bad, help children grow “Bright” “Caring” and “Strong”.

Our Uniqueness


Various Playground Equipment

Designed to use children’s natural body movement, our equipment motivates them to play and be more active, all while building their athletic ability without them realizing.


Wide Curriculum

Children can’t learn something without experiencing it firsthand. So we offer many kinds of programs where they can learn through their five senses.


Rich Nature

One of the things we are proud of is our playground with its rich nature. Children grow their emotional intelligence through interacting with nature.


After School Programs

We offer many kinds of afterschool programs at reasonable prices, where children can spend meaningful time with both their friends and familiar teachers.


Homemade Lunch

We have our own professional kitchen where we offer a nutritionally balanced lunch, and we can adjust the portion size based on each child’s need.






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Child Care

Extended Child Care (Playroom)

Classroom (Pre-K)

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