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After School Programs

Program Introduction

Tamagawa Kindergarten promotes a variety of programs to ensure that children have a fulfilling after-school experience.
One of the features of our school is that it has a wide range of after school programs that children who have graduated can continue to attend.
We also regularly hold various events such as camping, skiing, and playing on the beach.


TEC Sports Club

Even when compared to kindergarten sports clubs in Downtown Tokyo, our club has a high variety of programs.

The club is located inside the school, and the coaches also teach the children during the school day, so children can easily build good relationships with the coaches, and the best thing for the parents is that they do not have to pick up and drop off their children.



Toddler Swimming 

Rhythmic Gymnastics





Lesson Time

2021 Weekly Schedule


TEC Sports Club Fee



We have been offering piano lessons since the opening of the school.
There are more than 120 students taking lessons taught by experienced instructors.
The lessons are more reasonable priced compared to other major schools, but the quality of instruction is as high as any top school.
Once a year, a recital is held at the city musical hall.
There are classes for children that meet four times a month, and classes for adults that meet twice a month.

Lesson Time

【Mon・Tues・Thur・Fri】14:00 ~ 21:00​​

【Wed】13:00 ~ 21:00


Children Class:         Enrollment Fee ¥2,000          Monthly Fee ¥6,500

  Adult Class:             Enrollment Fee ¥2,000          Monthly Fee ¥3,400



There is no right or wrong when it comes to art, and children are free to express themselves in any way through drawing and painting.

Our instructor, who has over 40 years of experience in teaching children painting, nurtures children's emotional intelligence.

Lesson Time


【Kindergarten】14:00 ~  13:00​​

【Elementary】15:00 ~ 17:00


Enrollment Fee ¥1,500        Monthly Fee ¥4,000       Materials Fee ¥1,500 (twice a year)



We began GrapeSEED classes in April 2015, which aims to help children naturally acquire English. GrapeSEED, founded in Sendai at MeySen Acedemy, was built around the principles of The Natural Approach. Children are exposed to an all English environment where they have fun reading stories, singing songs and doing a variety of different activities, all of which help them naturally pick up English skills without them knowing.

Lesson Time

3 Times a Week​

【Matsu】14:00 ~ 14:50​​

【Take】15:05 ~ 15:55

【1st and 2nd Grade】16:10 ~ 17:00

【3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade】17:10 ~ 18:00


Enrollment Fee ¥3,000       Monthly Fee ¥13,500      Annual Fee ¥2,000 


ECC English

ECC is one of the biggest English schools in Japan. 

These English classes are once a week.

Lesson Time


【1st and 2nd Grade】15:40 ~ 16:40

【5th and 6th Grade】16:50 ~ 17:50


​【Kindergarten】14:10 ~ 14:50

【1st and 2nd Grade】15:40 ~ 16:40

【5th and 6th Grade】16:50 ~ 17:50


Introduction Video

Elementary Kids Club

Our Elementary Kids Club was started in April, 2015.
The club was established in response to the needs of parents who wanted a safe and meaningful place for their children to spend time before and after their other after school programs after graduation.

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